Career Guidance  

Career Guidance is understood to include services and programs designed to facilitate women individuals' development and their ability to make optimal choices regarding their roles in occupational, familial and social structures.

Responsible professional practice requires counselors to be knowledgeable about the effects of gender in human development and to apply such knowledge in career counseling with girls and women.
The development of guidelines has been an excellent first step, but it is only a beginning. Further work is needed to develop training for counselors and supervisors to translate the guidelines into practice.
We all want our children to be successful in life. We hope to one day see them in satisfying careers with the promise of growth. The thought of seeing our children in dead-end jobs saddens us. We wonder, though, if there's anything we can do to help ensure that they are successful.
Career Guidelines
  Evaluate your current situation  
You all have moments in your lives when you know there's something else you want to be doing, or someplace else you want to be. The trick is to pay attention. Feeling frustration or anger can be a catalyst for making a change. A lot of movements have come about because people have complained.
Think, what would you actually like to be doing every day? You want to be productive and have meaning in your lives. And life is too short to waste time on something you don't enjoy.
  Figure out what you're good at  
Forget the jobs you've had, forget structure—what do you think you're best at? Women don't spend enough time assessing their strengths even though they often spend plenty of time focusing on flaws. After spending some time thinking about it, ask friends and colleagues for their perspective, too.
  Get help from others  
Instution & Having somebody that keeps you accountable once you start to get in touch with what you're really great at is helpful. Websites like ours can help you.
Don't wait for success to happen. Women often make the mistake of thinking somebody else is going to recognize their brilliance and either promote them, or set them up in business. Women need to "step out of line" instead of waiting to be recognized—the concept behind her title. Unless women pursue their strengths on their own, then other people will dictate their lives.
  Focus on your own goals  
It’s not selfish. Compare one's career pursuits to putting an oxygen mask on oneself before turning to the nearby child. You've got to know what you're doing before you lead others.
  Pay attention to your ideas  
There's the illusion that everything has changed, that men and women are equal... But change is very uneven. There are some things you continue to need to work on. Ideas can come while you're on the subway, at a dinner party, or in the shower—so keep a notepad or electronic device handy.
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