Eve Teasing  
Women have landed on the moon. Reached for the stars and touched them. They have proved themselves equal to men in every way. Yet every 5 minutes a woman is sexually harassed. Every 2 minutes one woman is molested. Eve teasing is something that she has to contend with everyday.
Well, most women are of the opinion that they have to equip themselves to handle the situation efficiently. According to most learning, an art of self-defence is the best way. Hence, martial arts training centres have mushroomed in the cities. Many times, it is found that women are blamed for becoming victims of eve teasers. "The woman must have asked for it" or "she is dressed to invite trouble. It is important that our girls be brought up with enough self-esteem to deal with comments like this.
Another reason that keeps women from taking action is fear. They are afraid that this will breed further enmity, which will prove to be dangerous. Now the million-dollar question is will law alone be able to stop eve teasing? The answer is an absolute no. The only way it can be stopped is by encouraging women to retaliate against eve teasers fearlessly. This will only be possible when she gets wholehearted support from the community.
So what's a woman to do?
Many have resorted to carrying pins, pen-knives and even daggers as a deterrent. Others have taken self-defence classes and don't hesitate before landing a karate chop on the offender's shoulder blade.
Fight back
This doesn't mean you have to sock your offender in the face - no matter how tempting it may be. But being too shy and reserved to speak up is just going to work against you. You've got to look your offender in the face and speak up as loud as you can. The crowd will automatically be on your side and you'll have the satisfaction of watching the ball of slime mumble a denial and slink away.
If you're being followed
Nothing psyches your follower as much as this: Just walk up to him and start yelling at the top of your voice, without letting him speak. Ask him for the name of his employer. Drop the 'You don't know who I am and who you're messing with' line. Tell him you're going to seek/call the police if he doesn't do the vanishing act. (Not recommended if you're talking to a 6 ft muscleman or to a group of hooligans, but a wimpy, skinny male will rue the day he crossed your path.)
  Walk in well-lit and frequented areas  
Don't walk through a dark, lonely street or you're only inviting trouble. In a well lit area you'll be able to see and avoid potential offenders.
Be street smart
Don't daydream and don't look lost - even if you are. Look as if you know exactly where you are going.
Dress appropriately
If you are going to spend the day in crowded areas, don't wear a mini skirt. True, women in salwar kameezes get harassed as well, but there's no need to call attention to yourself. Save your skimpy clothes for the nightclubs, when you're the one who's on a prowl!
  Know thy enemy  
Is the guy across the street waiting for you to pass by? Does he look like he's out for some 'fun'? Is he huddled with other men and just hanging out, doing nothing in particular? Then it's best to...
Avoid potential harassers
If you see a group of men hanging out, or a man who's making eye contact with you and trying to get your attention, take a detour. Better safe than sorry.
  Travel with a male escort  
Though this may not always be possible, try and work out some arrangement where you have a male escort. Eve-teasers by and large target women who are without a male escort. Of course, if they are very frustrated, even the presence of a man may not deter them - so better safe than sorry. Take the necessary precautions, drive with your cellphone handy, don't walk outdoors at night, and learn karate!
  Copyright@ 2009 India Women Welfare Foundation