Exploitation at Work place  
WOMEN TODAY are the striking power, a great contributor to many working sectors, ready to accept challenges, prepared to cross any limitations that might push her back to achieve her goals.
But do we ever think of what all boundaries she is being forced to cross? Is she bound to sit in office as a part of overtime or to please her boss and offer him drinks accordingly? Is she supposed to move out of town for official purpose or she is told by somebody to meet that person in a secret place? Do actresses, models are rising stars or are they nothing more than just puppets in the hands of their directors and producers?
Corporate sector or should we call it one of the most corrupt sector, female employees are compelled to make non-willing compromises to climb the ladder of success .One employee of a famous private bank was constantly being harassed by her boss as she was not ready to give him late night company. Models, actors, females in this world are being exploited everywhere. Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion was just an apt example of a lot more that goes around.
All this is a hidden scene, exactly not hidden, everybody is aware of what is there behind the camera but it seems the lights coming from the camera shine so hard that it blurs the image of the one being captured!
  Copyright@ 2009 India Women Welfare Foundation