False Commitment  
Marriage is a mix of every emotion, ranging from melting romantic moments to the popular nagging to the run away from it all feeling.
Successful marriages are built on commitment, companionship, compromise and communication. The foundation of a successful marriage is the deep need to be married, to desire to share your life with your partner, to willingly and lovingly make someone a part of your ups and downs and be the part to a similar need and desire from your spouses’ point of view.
Marriage is an old fashioned but firm institution. It works on traditional values like staying committed without straying, being sensitive to your partner's views and feelings, not putting your partner down, standing by your partner through the tough times, adjusting with your in-laws, putting the family ahead of everything else ( including career).
At least one person has to compromise on career if both the partners are working. This may evoke a lot of debate, but there is not a single case of a successful marriage where both partners became successful in their careers and still had a truly great family life.
The institution is being challenged like never before, but the greatness is evident from the fact that humanity is yet to come up with an alternate practice to cater to the basic human needs of companionship, commitment, and communication.
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