Forced Fraudulent organ extraction surrogacy  
Tackling crime would need policy interventions, social vision and political will if the establishment really wants to ensure that criminals and gangs don't control the country.
Organ trade is a violent manifestation of crime induced by the growing tribe of obscenely rich people who think nothing of the poor, or their right to live a healthy life. Their physical and consumerist needs take precedence over all other considerations and they are willing to bend every possible law to attain their objective. The arrogance of the nouveau riche is leaving its dark impress in the changing character of crime and the way the Indian State is responding to it.
Laws that inhibit criminal enterprise are being jettisoned in the name of speeding up economic reforms. Money laundering laws have not been implemented with the kind of alacrity one expects in times of intense global capital movement. There is little awareness about whose money is being funneled into the Indian stock market. A handful of billionaires are being pampered by the political establishment while the majority is being compulsively pushed outside the system of food security, jobs, education, health or shelter.
The purpose of recounting organ extraction incident is to show the brutality of the organ trade and how criminals treat poor human beings. Schwartzenberg mentions about the Indian village of Villivakkam where hardly any one is a "whole". More recently, there were reports of how women in tsunami-affected villages were selling their kidneys to make two ends meet.
The sociology of crime in neo-rich India of super growth for a handful of the fat cats will need complex testimonies of denial and affirmation. It's not a police crime bulletin anymore. It's becoming as insatiable as the subliminal desire to consume and possess. Surely, crime in India is no longer an issue that can be dealt by the police alone. It would need policy interventions, social vision and political will if the powers-that-be really wants to ensure that the criminal gangs enjoying the support of delinquent businessmen do not control the countryside and the mean streets of our cash-rich exploding metros.
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