Forced Moral Policing- Talibanism  
Differences in culture can obtain not only across countries but also within countries. India being a sub-continent, such differences can be rather pronounced. Hence to succeed in a country like India, one requires familiarity with cross-cultural literacy. The so-called modernity, which is just a veneer at best, conceals deep cultural differences. A la Americans, we may wear jeans, appreciate a Britney Spears number and sip Coke. But that is where the similarities end, notwithstanding the fact that culture is not static and does evolve. The culture of a society changes as it progresses economically.
Rapid urbanisation and affordable quality education can lead to individuals abandoning traditional values. Values change because of the level of economic development achieved by a country. As economies become more prosperous, there is a marked shift from traditional values to rational values although such a shift takes some time to materialise. This dichotomy is something that an emerging economy like India has to learn to live with and hopefully India will not make heavy weather of this simple task.
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