Forced Sex with Devar and other Relatives  

India, even being land of Goddess,has seen various heart taking customs which involve degradation of women dignity or atleast grave emotional hurt. Women are often forced to have sex and conceive babies with their devar,Father-in-law or other relatives of the husband to offer heir to the family,in the event that the husband is not able to produce offspring.

At least one out of three women has been beaten, forced into sex, or abused during her lifetime, according to a study based on 50 surveys from around the world. On most occasions, the abuser was a member of the womanís family like devar (brother-in-law, father-in-law) or someone known to her.

Domestic violence happens most of the time against women in the household. The offenders are, in the majority of cases, the men folk, particularly their marital partners. Aggressive behaviour under the influence of drugs or alcohol is often at the root of male violence against women in the family. Domestic violence is not only on the increase, but is also assuming subtler forms every day.
Earlier, victims of domestic violence did not lodge complaints, as they feared that such complaints might create a hostile home environment. Very often, women used to suffer sexual violence against them in silence for fear of adverse repercussions.
Physically-abused women live under constant fear, threat and humiliation. They are potential candidates for personality disorders and psycho-somatic problems. The Indian woman feels the entire responsibility of preserving the family as her duty; hence she endeavours to adjust herself to the atmosphere and the mores of her husbandís home.
Women subjected even to extreme physical and psychological violence does not ordinarily seek divorce and suffer the onslaughts in silence as they feel that their trauma and that of their children is the price they have to pay for the sake of the family.
What do you do if someone is sexually harassing you? Donít put up with it. Stand up for yourself and your rights. All too often, people remain silent because they fear they wonít be believed if they tell someone. This is most likely to be the case if the harasser is a friend or relative of someone close to you. For example, if your sisterís husband (your brother-in-law) or your best friendís father, uncle or brother is the one harassing you, it may be easier to keep quiet rather than speak up. Silence is understandable but it wonít stop the problem. You might spare a friend or relativeís feelings and preserve your relationship but it will be at the expense of your personal rights being infringed upon.
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