Fraudulent Marriage  
Fraud is something that occurs before marriage and begins in the mind of the person committing the fraud. Fraud is when a person deliberately hides a fact that he or she knows will cause the prospective mate not to wed. This is not the same as just putting one's best foot forward. No one is expected to tell his or her prospective mate of every flaw, evil deed and sin committed in the past. We don't do this; we don't expect a prospective mate to do this. We aren't perfect; we don't expect our prospective mate to be perfect. But what if someone has a flaw so great that he fears that his prospective mate won't marry him, and then he deliberately hides that flaw? This would be fraud and a person would be free to leave. In God's eyes there never was a marriage. It is annulled.
Advice for Those Thinking of Marrying
There is a lesson in this for couples contemplating marriage. They should do what they can to avoid fraud. We don't have to go through a list of all of our gruesome sins in offensive detail, but we don't want to deliberately hide something that a prospective mate should know. If one has been married before, on drugs or in trouble with the law, he or she should say so. Hopefully both are virgins, but if not, they should let their prospective mate know that they've sinned in this area and have repented.
A prospective mate might want to know how serious a problem the other had and ask if it was a common sin. But, one shouldn't go into names and details. If the person wants to know gory details, perhaps this is a clue that the other needs to find someone else.
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