Legal Assistance for Divorce  
Legal Assistance plays a particularly important role in divorce proceedings or, more accurately, in proceedings concerning the matrimonial property and has an unfair effect on the legal costs of the respective parties in any proceedings where one party is legally aided but the other is not.
If one party is legally aided and the other is not then even if the party who is not legally aided is successful in the proceedings he\she cannot usually recover his\her legal costs from the loser as would usually be the case. On the other hand, if the legally aided party is successful then he\she will usually ask for (and receive) re-imbursement of his\her legal costs from the losing party. This puts a legally aided client at a considerable advantage and correspondingly disadvantages the other.
In point of fact, what very often happens in matrimonial proceedings is that the husband cannot obtain legal aid because he is in full time employment. The wife, however, is very often at home looking after the children and so she has no income of her own. This often means that the wife is eligible for legal aid in matrimonial proceedings whereas the husband is not.
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