Post-Marriage Counselling  
Marital discord is the constant for many couples. And if not addressed earlier then it may end up in divorce. That is why marriage counselling is so important for the couples who are having problems. Some couples don't realize the seriousness of the marital troubles. Couples should realize that when they face constant problems and cannot sort it out by themselves they should go to marriage counsellors. If you come to this site you will have an idea what is marriage counselling is all about.
Even in the face of rising divorce rates, no couple includes the vow, "and in 5 years we hope to divorce". Marriage is seen as a commitment for keeps. When distress abounds, couples are faced with a number of survival strategies. Depending on the issue, some couples will bind together to overcome adversity. Other couples may run in opposite direction, losing the benefit of mutual support and others will simply hunker down to ride out the storm. Interestingly, recent research suggests that of unhappy couples that do hunker down 2/3's become happy couples after a period of about five years.
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