Sexual Violence  
Acts of sexual violence by the husband include physically forcing the wife against her will to have sex or perform other sexual acts that she did not want to perform.Contrary to popular belief, sexual based crimes are among the most frequently committed offenses. However, because victims are often unable or unwilling to report such a crime (or even old enough to realize that a crime was committed against them), it remains one of the most under-reported person to person crimes.
While new official statistical reports emerge each year, the numbers and percentages since 2001 haven't changed much. According to the statistical reports :
The statistical victim of sexual assault is female under 18 years of age.
The typical offender is a male ,over 18 years of age.
1.8 rapes or sexual assaults are REPORTED by women for each 1,000 over age 12. (That's about 23,00,000 per year.)
Women reported that offenses against them were committed by:
Strangers: 28%
Intimates/Partners: 10%
Relatives: 2%
Friends/acquaintences: 57%
Unknown: 3%
  When compared with non victims, rape victims have been found to be 8.7 times more likely to attempt suicide.  
As staggering and horrific as these numbers sound, they represent barely a scratch on the surface of the actual number of those persons victimized each year. When relying on redesigned interviews with people age 12 and over in a nation-wide study (and NOT just on police reports), the National Crime Victimization Survey found that some 64% of rape survivors did not report the crime to the police.
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