Social customs masked crimes  
The phenomenon of women empowerment has attracted massive attention in recent years. So much has been heard and so much has been done to uplift women socially, politically, economically and culturally, all over the world.
Indeed, women empowerment has become a global issue and an essential factor for the development of a family, a society and a nation at large.
It is a well known fact that wherever there is inequality, more poverty in households, and wherever there is growing unemployment, then the main burden of it is borne by women. A woman of today where she has no guaranteed work accepts any kind of work for salary far below the minimum wages and in some cases on worse terms. Again, when economic vulnerability increases, the degree of abuse, whether it is sexual abuse or abuse of women dignity - all these factors lead to an increase in violence against women.
Therefore, to help diminish domestic violence and to empower women economically, socially and politically, it is necessary for the policy makers to realize that mere reforms and committees for women are not sufficient. These agencies should be urged to devise policy measures for a major transformation of the existing social system into one that would enable a woman citizen to live a life free from domestic violence and crime.
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