Vocational Training  

In many cases, girls and women have been excluded from learning opportunities. Gender discrimination is far more important when it has to do with scientific and technical knowledge and skills that with any other field.

Increasing access of poor girls to appropriate learning and like-skills training programmes in order to ensure access to occupations from which women have been excluded or in which they have not received appropriate recognition.
Helping education officers and teachers to effectively link non-formal and formal education and adopt innovative measures, curriculum and educational materials to incorporate poor girls in technical fields.
To provide decision-makers with a set of good practices and guidelines to better promote participation of underprivileged girls in scientific, technical and vocational education based upon the series of pilot activities, IWWF is very keen to facilitate this.
The main target group of the vocational training should be poor, out-of-school girls from rural and urban communities aged 13-17, an age that shows high records of schools dropouts
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